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Get one or get stung !
We also offer the following  

Chassis set up
Chassis Repairs
Custom Fabrication
Stinger chassis would like to announce our expansion with the
addition of Tiger 1/4 midget Parts. Our trailer will be fully stocked and
available weekly at SJQMA and BQMRC. We will not only carry what
you need for those running Stingers, but also carry parts from may
other chassis manufactures as well.

Stinger would also like to welcome the following drivers and families
to the Stinger family.

Anthony Brown JR Honda
Johnny Miller Sr Honda
Andrew Miller Lt. 160

Its  been a great season so far keep up the good work drivers!


08-21-10 congratulations to Stinger Driver Zakery Vickers on your JR Honda extra Distance race at BQMRC.
08-21-10 congratulations to Stinger Drivers Zakery Vickers on your JR Honda extra Distance race win and Madison
Boyd on Sr Honda Extra Distance Race win at SJQMA on Stinger Chassis night. That was Awesome!

Congratulations to Johnny Miller on your SR Honda A Main Win right out of the box at SJQMA!
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Custom made Nerf bars
Custom Chassis Work-
Down tubes added
2009 Stinger
2009 Turkey Derby Jr Stock Win
Stinger drivers email us pics and we will add them to our 2010 Slide show
12-12-09 Indoor Jr Stock Win
12-12-09 Indoor Jr Honda Win